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Croatia vacation is custom made responsive wordpress travel blog made by Html Id web development team. The whole project has been made from scratch with css and custom color scheme without initial web design template.

During the development process our main focus was on creation of fast loading and lightweight responsive wordpress travel blog theme which we finally managed to achieved.

Final grade on google PageSpeed Insight for Croatia Vacation wordpress travel theme was 89/100 for mobile and 94/100 for desktop users what along with ads on page is superb score if you comparing it with many purchased or even custom made wordpress themes.

Main guiding principle during development of this theme was to strip out wordpress functions just on basic and to reduce usage of wordpress plugins on lowest possible number at least of those who are working in front-end code and slowing website down.

Other important aspects of this wordpress travel blog are image size optimization, improved delivery of javascripts and css style file and avoidance of cross-site scripting of some necessary wordpress plugins which we used in this case.

WordPress travel blog code information

Croatia vacation wordpress theme is very easy for editing because of its clean, responsive and well commented code and displays smoothly on every modern browser and device weather its tablet or smartphone. Main structure of Croatia vacation templates is based on 996px grid and for mobile website navigation web used slicknav.js which weighs only 17kb in order to speed up page loading time and avoid heavyweight wordpress plugins.

List of plugins that we used on this wordpress travel theme in tends to be as short as possible at least of those plugins which displays in front-end code:

– WP Fastest Cache for minfying html css and js files, enabling Gzip compression and reducing load time for repeated visitors.

– WP Optimize – for database optimization

– Lazy Load – ensures optimal load time of images using AJAX

– JS & CSS Script Optimizer – for moving all scripts in footer area and keeping all stylesheets in wordpress header.

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