Website Maintenance & Support

Just like a car, maintenance can be done by an expert or by you. If you are not an expert, chances are, you won’t know all that you need to do. This is why both car maintenance and website maintenance should be left to the experts to handle.

This way, you can rest assured that your site will run as perfectly as it should.

Constant Website Maintenance is a Must

For your site to run like a well-oiled machine, it needs to be constantly maintained. This means you will need to keep everything updated – from the content to security to optimization.

Everything has to be taken care of on a regular basis to ensure that your site functions as well as it should.

If you ignore site maintenance and don’t check on its condition on a schedule, you might end up with a site that is slipping in the SERPs.

You might even find yourself losing customers because your site is not as up-to-date as it should be.

What to Check for Proper Website Maintenance and When

To ensure that your site is properly maintained, certain elements have to be checked and tweaked at certain points in time. Some items have to be checked and updated weekly while others need to undergo maintenance on a monthly basis. Here are some of the things you need to take note of:

Weekly Checks

  • Check if your sites are loading properly
  • Check if your forms can be completed
  • Check to see if some pages result in 404 errors or redirects
  • Locate any broken links
  • Check for spam comments and feedback

Monthly Checks

  • Time how fast your pages load. If these are loading slower than usual, you may have a problem.
  • Check for security issues and possible breaches.
  • Check for content that needs to be tweaked to make them either evergreen or more relevant.
  • Compare visitor statistics from the previous month. Is your bounce rate higher or lower? How much longer did your visitors stay this month compared to last month?

If results seem negative, tweaks need to be made to improve this.

Quarterly Checks

  • What are the latest trends in websites this quarter and do they apply to your site?
  • Are your prices still relevant and up-to-date?
  • Are your images still loading properly?
  • Are your marketing strategies still effective or should you shift to another strategy?
  • Are you seeing a reduction in traffic to your site?
  • Check for SEO updates that you need to implement on your site.
  • Is your site still responsive enough for newer devices?
  • Are your landing pages still relevant?

Annual Checks

  • Is your content still considered relevant by your visitors?
  • Is your mailing updated?
  • Check to see if your domain name needs to be renewed.
  • Is there a need to refresh your site’s overall design to keep up with current trends?

As you can see, website maintenance is hard work and requires constant checking and tweaking. The time that you spend on checking and tweaking your site can be better spent on other things.

This is why relying on an expert to handle this task for you is a better thing to do.

What You Get When You Rely on Experts for Your Site Maintenance

Having experts take care of your site is like having a certified mechanic take care of your car. There is no guesswork involved in what needs to be fixed since these trained individuals can find out what the issues are.

Maintaining your website takes a lot of time and effort, both of which can be spent taking care of other things in your business.

When you hire an expert to help maintain your site, you can expect the following services to be offered either as individual offers or as part of a package:


– Is your site secure? Are your certificates up to date? Is your site safe from attacks? Checking the security of your site is a constant task that has to be done on a regular basis.


– Are your pages still relevant? Do you have content that is current and trending? Making sure that your site’s pages have content that resonate with your target audience and is not outdated will help keep you relevant not only in their eyes but in the eyes of search engines as well.


– Is your website’s design outdated and stale? Do you need a better look for your site? You might not be aware of it but keeping your look fresh and engaging is one of the things you need to do annually or semi-annually to help keep your audience interested.

Links and backlinks

– Are there any broken links to and from your site? If there are, you need to take care of these since these will affect your overall rank online. It will also affect the relevance and reliability of your site. This will require an audit, which an expert can easily do.


– When a site has too many pages, some of these need to be archived to make way for newer ones that are more relevant in the present. These can be archived.

If people want to access old pages, they can look for these in the site’s archives or access these via history sites that show old pages from years back for lots of websites.

Dead pages

– 404s, 503s, and other similar codes can greatly affect a site’s performance and ranking on SERPs. Making sure that these don’t exist on your site or rarely appear on it will help make your site work better. It will also help prevent high bounce rates, which can also affect your bottom line.

Why Do You Need to Maintain Your Site?

One of the biggest reasons why companies put up a site is to increase the revenue stream of their business. This is to gain access to customers that now shop online or book services on the internet.

If your site is not updated and does not run according to the standards of your target customers due to lack of proper maintenance, you can be sure that your competitor will benefit from it.

Yes, one of the main reasons why you should maintain your site is to keep a leg up on your competition. Aside from that, you also ensure that you get to increase your customer base, retain old customers, and increase your revenues.

All of this is because your site operates as smoothly as possible.

You also get to keep your reputation at sterling as you want. Your brand image retains its great reputation by giving customers a great experience on your site. You get to stay trendy, updated, and relevant which will help benefit your business greatly.

If you want to find out what HTMLID Web Services can do for you when it comes to your website maintenance needs, contact us so we can customize a plan for your site.