Web Development

This means that while both worlds overlap, one takes care of what the people see and use, while the other takes care of how the site runs. When you need a company to take care of your web development needs, you can trust HTMLID Web Services with what you need.

Technologies We Use in Our Web Development Offerings

In the development of websites, there are many technologies and languages that can be used. The most common ones we recommend to our clients include HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, Javascript, Jquery, and WordPress.

What we use for your web dev needs depends on what you expect from your site and what you want it to do. These technologies allow us to customize your sites for you according to your preferences and allow us to inject the kind of functionality that you require from it.

Why Choose Custom Made Themes for WordPress

One of our specializations is the creation of custom themes for WordPress CMS. Most website owners depend on page builders to update and customize their pages. While these plug-ins seem to do the job well enough, they don’t really compare with customized themes made specifically for your site.

Custom-made themes for your WordPress CMS allow you to integrate designs and functionality that you cannot get with cookie-cutter page builders. In short, you get to add the things you need for your site’s functionality with customization.

This means you get to use a CMS that caters to everything you need for your site.

You won’t need to make do with what is available via page builder plugins. You get to integrate all you need and want into your site and all because you had the foresight to have a custom one made by a reputable web development service like HTMLID Web Services.

What to Ask a Web Development Service

When you hire a web development service, you need to ensure that you are getting the best in the industry. This will allow you to get the best bang for your buck. To find out what you can expect from them, here are some questions you might want to ask:

What do you consider as web development technology?

– This actually divided into two main categories – software and hardware. Software technology used in web development includes those mentioned above, such as Javascript, HTML5, and so on.

Hardware that is considered part of web dev tech includes the servers, the computers used for coding, hard drives, and more.

How do you put together a website from the ground up?

– There is no one way of putting together a site. Some begin with a framework that comes from a client which we enhance and build upon. Others begin with us coming up with ideas based on what a client needs.

We can then suggest the right technology and CMS to use in the creation of these sites, and pending the approval of the client, add to the idea with functionality suggestions and design samples.

Which platform is best when it comes to web development?

– This is a tricky question since the platform that will be used is dependent on a lot of factors. These include the needs of the client, what they expect from their site, the level of expertise of the client in terms of CMS usage, and many more.

How much does it cost to develop a website?

– The cost of putting up a website varies from one site to another. There is no set price for such a project since no two projects are the same. Some will require lots of functionality while others are as simple as pie.

Pricing is dependent on what a client asks for and how complex the creation of the site will be.

What do you consider to be part of web development services?

– This can cover everything from domain name creation to retaining hosting services to adding security to a site to the coding itself. This can also include the planning of the infrastructure and assembly of the site.

The definition is dependent on what a company offers and what they consider part of this sphere.

Which language should I tell my developer to use for my site?

– The language used to construct a site is dependent on what your site if for. There are specific languages that are better for one type of site than another. The hardware you choose to use will also have a bearing on what language can and will be used in the creation of your site.

So which language will be used is open to discussion and deliberation with your chosen developer.

Where can I find a reputable web development service?

– There are many developers online that can be trusted with your site construction needs. HTMLID Web Services is an example of a reputable site developer that you can find online. One way you can guarantee that you get the best developer for your project is to ask friends for recommendations.

You can also company and site testimonials to get a feel for what a company can offer.

Why Hire HTMLID Web Services for Your Web Development Needs

When you need to build a site from scratch, you need a company that understands what you want and need.

You also need a company that you can talk to and discuss options with. As a small business, HTMLID is the perfect developer for small and medium businesses looking to create custom sites that can help them increase their revenue and promote brand awareness.

The company understands what small businesses go through and the challenges they face when competing with bigger fish in the internet ocean.

When you hire HTMLID Web Services for your web development needs, not only do you get a company that understands you but you also get one that has experienced people who care.

Our list of services does not just begin and end with the development of your website. We also offer website maintenance and optimization of your site. This gives you a better chance of doing better than your competition.

We will also educate you on the pros and cons of what you want to be done with your site. Since our main concern is to give you the best site you can possibly have, we will tell you which of your ideas will do your site good and which ones should be reconsidered.

Of course, you have the last say when it comes to these discussions but we will help you realize the site of your dreams without too many issues creating problems for you.

To find out how we can help you with your site needs and web development requirements, contact us so we can schedule you for a consultation.

We will be more than happy to help you bring your company to the world via a site that you’ve envisioned which we will plan and build together.