Web Design

We offer our clients web design services that cater to what they need. These include the following:

  • Logo Creation
  • Small Business Website Development
  • Responsive Web Design

Logo Creation

If your company doesn’t have a logo yet and you want to create one that is both eye-catching and embodies what your company is all about, we are here to help you. We have designers on hand to help you come up with the kind of logo that you will be proud of.

The best logos incorporate not only design aesthetics and meaning into them but also use colour psychology to attract your target market.

Colour psychology helps people develop a certain affinity with a certain brand. Certain colours evoke specific feelings that these brands want to be identified with. For example, companies that want people to feel their warmth and to identify themselves with joy often use the colour yellow.

This is because such a shade exudes warmth and optimism. If they combine the colours orange and yellow in a logo, they are aiming to exude an air of confidence, friendliness, warmth, and optimism.

A lot of popular brands use colour psychology in their logo creation and we will do so too with your logo. Let us know what kind of company you are and what you want your customers to feel about your services.

We will then present you with design options that come in a variety of colour combinations that use colours that may be beneficial to your brand.

Small Business Website Design & Development

Creating websites for bigger companies may seem like a difficult task, but in reality, creating sites for smaller businesses is more of a challenge. This is because these smaller entities have to compete with the bigger, more established companies that belong in the same niche.

This is where we can help.

We know what it takes to capture the attention of you target audience and what kind of site they will gravitate towards when they are looking for what you have to offer. Website development for smaller businesses is more of a challenge because you need to work with limited resources, which is something big businesses don’t have to worry about.

Our design team understands this and are ready to roll up their sleeves to help you come up with a design that is both eye-catching, engaging, and offers exactly what your target market is looking for.

Aside from your site’s overall look, we also help you with specific details that help keep your visitors on your site. These include website navigation, design aesthetics, useful and engaging content, and intuitiveness.

Aside from on-site qualities, we also include elements that help people find your site easily. After all, what good is a site if it is not discoverable when people look for what you offer?

This means we include tried and tested on-page and off-page SEO elements into your site’s design.

This will help people find you when they type any of your services, offerings, and other keywords into their browser. All of these we can do for you when we create your site. We will strive to make you as competitive as possible so you can hold your own when it comes to your online presence and competing with the big boys.

Responsive Web Design

With more and more people using a variety of gadgets to access websites, it is imperative that you create a site that translates well over all these devices. This is where responsive web design comes in. A responsive site intuitively adjusts to the device that a visitor is using.

This allows them to see what the site has to offer in a way that is easy to navigate and view.

Responsive web design comes with a number of adjustable elements that are integrated by our programmers and designers when creating your site. These include the following:


– When a site is responsive, it adjusts its navigation bar and menus to fit not only the size of the device it is viewed on but also its usability. For mobile, these navigation bars are usually located on a top corner in a drop-down menu or in a list at the top to save on space.

For tablets or computers, these navigation bars will appear either on the side or at the top as well. This adjusts automatically according to whichever device you are using.

Page content layout

– When your site is designed to be responsive, you will notice that the content adjusts according to the size of the device being used. If you are using a computer to view the site, the content can be laid-out in regular website fashion, with multiple columns on one page.

If you are viewing the site on a smart phone, this will automatically shift to a single column view that you scroll down to read. This is help make the content easier to read without zooming in.


– Another thing you will notice when you have a website that is responsive is that these use images that adjust to your screen. Much like the content, responsive web design shrinks or expands the images according to the device you are using.


– Your brand is an important part of your site, if not the most important element of your website. When it comes to RWD or responsive web design, keeping your logo and brand prominent across devices is one of the things we strive to do. This is to help foster brand recognition and to help inculcate in the minds of your visitors that it is your site they are on.

Call to action

– One of the main reasons why you have a site is to encourage people to either buy from you or retain your services. To do this, you need to entice them to act. This is where a call-to-action statement comes in.

In responsive design, your call-to-action will show up where it will be effective. This is different across devices, so expect this to show up in different areas of your site when accessed from different gadgets.

These are just a few of the services we offer when it comes to designing your website and web pages. We also have other services that we can integrate into your web design needs, such as tracking and analysis tools, search engine optimization, and many more.

All you need to do is to get in touch with us and we can discuss what you want and need for your site.

We can also help you come up with ideas for your site based not only on your insights and ideas but also on what you want to achieve. Want to sell more products on your site? We can help you create a strategy for that by incorporating specific ideas for it on your site’s design.

All you have to do is get in touch with us and we can come up with the perfect solution to your website design conundrum and needs.