Non Disclosure Agreement

Html Id respects your privacy and guarantees you that all information shared with us by any form of communication will remain confidential and will not be shared with third parties under any circumstances.

Your intellectual property and all related copyrights will always remain yours.

With our non disclosure agreement Html ID guarantees you that your email address, artwork, order details, our communication and any other information you provide, as well as the final product, will not be revealed, unless you request otherwise.

Html Id web developers will never contact your clients by any reason. We respect you and your business.

By using our services you can be assured that Html ID as service provider will never upload a portfolio of your finished code, picture of your website or link to your site without asking you first for permission.

Main reasons for non disclosure agrement

Non disclosure agreement is also very straight forward and simple. It was drafted primarily for use by an individual
wishing to disclose information that needs to be kept secret to a business entity or group.

This agreement is a more traditional agreement that includes what companies normally would expect to see in a Confidentiality Agreement, and is more complete than either of the above Non Disclosure Agreements.

It would be appropriate for use in the situation where the receiver of the confidential information is a savvy individual or established business entity or group.

Html Id team will always remain transparent for our clients!